What is DS AGENCY?

DS AGENCY is a sustainability culture and responsible-fashion consulting bureau. We promote supply chain dignity and ethical approaches for the textile world!

DS AGENCY sees the change of the fashion industry as a work-in-progress. We believe in collaboration and education to create a better-connected sustainability journey.

We offer our clients solutions in strategy, knowledge sharing, and experience. Examples of our offers include sustainability strategy, textile compliance knowledge, fact-based storytelling, educational material, and event curation. Everything we do at DS AGENCY is connected, and we would love for you to be a part of our conscious fashion community!


Dorothee Sarah Spehar is one of a few sustainability certification experts who comprehensively understands fashion and knows how to work with the industry with a holistic approach.
For her work as a textile compliance leader, Dorothee collaborates with globally-operating, supply chain transparency powerhouses. She travels the world (in real life or via Zoom). She has a love for everything India and the Middle East, where she loves to work with artisan groups or textile producers to create social sustainability opportunities.

When she is not doing that, Dorothee Sarah keeps raising awareness for ethical approaches through her successful project DS AGENCY which is headquartered in Berlin but working globally.
Dorothee studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Previous to her entrepreneurial career Dorothee Sarah worked 10+ years with international retailers, fashion PR agencies, and fashion event production. She also holds a degree in Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Textile Businesses from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, a city and fashion market she still feels very at-home in!